Tesla Cybertrucks are leaving Giga Texas in flocks

Tesla Cybertrucks continue to leave Gigafactory Texas in flocks, as video of more units heading out of the company’s production facility outside of Austin are shared on social media, the begging question continues: where are they headed, and why?

The Cybertruck has been in development for nearly four years, and Tesla is finally making consistent and persistent headway on the project, inching near initial deliveries.

More Cybertrucks were spotted leaving the Texas factory this morning in droves (via SE Robinson, Jr. on Twitter):

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The process of vehicles leaving Giga Texas has been going on for roughly a week now. Last week, several Cybertruck units were spotted at Tesla’s Fremont Factory in Northern California. Speculation is driving rumors in all different directions.

Some believe these first units are being set aside for high-level employees, others believe initial deliveries are going to be for those in Northern California.

As of right now, there are no permits or filings for Fremont that seem to indicate an initial delivery event that Tesla plans on having in Q3. In past vehicle release instances at Fremont, Tesla has had to file for permits to hold the events there.

Tesla filed permits for the Plaid Delivery Event, as well as an employee appreciation event just afterward.

These have not been filed, at least not yet. And while Fremont is where many Cybertrucks are ending up, Giga Texas is where they are built. We’d expect the event to take place there.

However, the Travis County Commissioner’s Court has not referenced a Tesla Cybertruck event in the past two months.

We reached out to the Travis County Fire Marshal, which detailed the Giga Fest at Giga Texas for us last year.

Tesla applied for the event on February 18, 2022, and received approval in early March. The Giga Fest was held on April 7.

Travis County Fire Marshals didn’t immediately respond to us for comment regarding a Mass Gathering Permit filed by Tesla for a Cybertruck Delivery Event.

Because of the flock of Cybertrucks heading to Fremont, we are prone to believe the event might be held there after all. It seems more likely based on volume alone, but there is still a possibility that the automaker could hold an event in Texas by year’s end.

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