Tesla Cybertrucks garner their own security team with leak crackdown

Tesla Security has its hands full for the next several months if new images are any indication of what the team’s task will be at Gigafactory Texas.

As the all-electric Cybertruck continues to catalyze speculation of all varieties with its pending and unknown initial delivery dates potentially looming, Tesla Security has been called upon to keep the pickup out of the lens of employee cameras and possibly other onlookers.

However, it could not keep Jeff Roberts, a local drone operator and observer of Tesla’s Austin-based Gigafactory, from snapping a few new pictures of two brand-new Cybertrucks that were spotted charging on factory property.

Credit: @peterdog15 on Twitter

As you can see, a Model Y security vehicle is parked directly in front of the two new Cybertruck units, potentially there to fend off any attempt at photographs from employees.

As we reported yesterday, Tesla has laid down the law in terms of what consequences lie ahead for the employees that leaked images of the truck, its equipment, or production lines. For the past several months, Tesla has remained relatively tight-lipped regarding the progress of the truck, not giving any indication of what pricing might be or what configurations and powertrains will be available.

Essentially, the only information on the Cybertruck’s progress that has been available is what has been given to media outlets through leaks from employees, along with the vague details that have been given by Tesla throughout the past eight months.

As we can see, security efforts to defend and protect the Cybertruck have been increased at Gigafactory Texas due to the nature of the vehicle. For the past four years, people have speculated heavily on what the Tesla pickup would bring. After being unveiled in November 2019, the Cybertruck has undergone intense scrutiny from Tesla and has been improved in several ways, including the overall dimensions and some interior features.

However, a few things remain up in the air, and that includes a delivery date, pricing, and configurations. However, Tesla has confirmed that the truck will be released this year, and with more indicators of crash testing being underway, it seems we are finally close.

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