Tesla Cybertrucks Supercharging and crash testing point to imminent release

Tesla Cybertrucks are Supercharging in numbers at Giga Texas. A few units were spotted using the automaker’s electric vehicle chargers at the factory yesterday as the Cybertruck nears deliveries.

Earlier this month, a single Cybertruck was spotted at Giga Texas, using the factory’s Supercharger piles located on the property. It was the first instance of a Cybertruck being seen plugged into a Supercharger and gave us an additional look at the frunk of the vehicle, as an insert was spotted in the bed of the truck.

Tesla Cybertruck charging outside Gigafactory Texas shows interesting frunk detail

However, Cybertruck Supercharging is becoming a more popular occurrence at the Texas factory.

A new video from outside the walls of Tesla’s Austin-based production plant shows three units sitting plugged into Supercharger stalls.

NEW: 3 @Tesla Cybertrucks at the Giga Texas Superchargers! $TSLA @elonmusk
by TikTok u/havefunworkhard pic.twitter.com/Tk7Ot9BBPy

— S.E. Robinson, Jr. (@SERobinsonJr) August 18, 2023

Tesla could be performing simple analyses on the Cybertruck to determine its charging performance and could be checking to make sure everything internally with the pickup is normal, as these early units could be the first to make their way to customers.

We have been seeing an increase in sightings of Cybertrucks over the past few months. However, within the last few days, these sightings have become more interesting as nine Cybertruck units arrived at the Fremont Factory in Northern California yesterday.

Additionally, two crash-tested Cybertrucks were spotted in Northern California yesterday. Tesla operates its own crash testing facility within the Fremont property, but TRC California is also nearby, which is a facility commonly used by OEMs for crash testing.

Here’s TWO crash tested Cybertrucks
Look close and you see the crash tape as well as damage/ missing pieces!
These were in Hayward, CA. pic.twitter.com/BemTlmCw3G

— Greggertruck (@greggertruck) August 18, 2023

Several days ago, Cybertruck units were also spotted heading northbound on I-55 in Missouri.

Two CyberTrucks heading NB on I-55 in SE Missouri. At the Steele weigh station. #Tesla #Cybertruck #tsla pic.twitter.com/EClqFa8GWU

— Coleslaw (@coleslaw_333) August 16, 2023

Interestingly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) operates a crash testing facility in Ohio, which operates under the same TRC acronym (Transportation Research Center) as the California facility.

One of the three routes Google Maps selected would take the Cybertrucks up I-55 to get to TRC Ohio.

Credit: Google Maps

Perhaps crash testing is imminent for the Cybertruck, which would make it available for sale as long as the EPA has granted the all-electric pickup a certificate of conformity for operation on public roads.

The NHTSA and TRC have not yet responded to our inquiries for comment regarding potential crash testing for the Cybertruck.

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