Tesla files for a near 400-mile Model Y in China

Tesla is looking to bring a near 400-mile Model Y to the Chinese market, a battleground for EV manufacturers since early 2020.

Tesla has filed for a 397-mile capable Model Y “super long-range” variant, which would make it one of the company’s longest-range vehicles in its entire lineup. With the Model S Long Range holding an EPA estimated 405 miles of range according to Tesla’s website, this would make the new prospective Model Y variant the second-best vehicle in the company’s lineup in range ratings.

Permits filed in China for the Model Y were uncovered by The Driven late last week and showed that the newly-registered vehicle would have 640 kilometers, or 397 miles of range, based on China’s NEDC cycle. Although this translates to 351 miles of range using the EPA’s more strict and calculated test processes, the advertised range could reach 400 miles, only adding to the advantages that the Model Y has over its competitors in the region, which haven’t been able to hold a candle to the all-electric crossover in recent memory.

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The news of the Model Y variant reaching the Chinese market follows news from earlier this month when Tesla filed to produce five Model Y variants at Giga Shanghai, hinting toward the company’s plan to make the plant an export hub. Tesla has been shipping Model 3 and Model Y builds to Europe starting this year, with the China-built Model 3 first making an appearance in January. Model Ys from Shanghai arrived in Europe as early as mid-August, with deliveries just beginning this week.

Tesla has worked long and hard to introduce more practical battery chemistries that will catalyze higher range ratings and thus bring in more sales. Tesla has utilized lithium-ion and lithium-iron-phosphate, LFP for short, batteries for the Shanghai-built models provided by suppler CATL. Tesla has been partnered with CATL since early 2020, when the Shanghai assembly plant officially began delivering cars to customers.

It was recently revealed that Tesla’s daily production of the Model Y has hit 1,000 units daily at the Shanghai plant, overtaking the Model 3. “After four days of overhaul at Tesla’s Shanghai plant last week, the production capacity of Phase 2 Model Y has reached 1,000 units per day. This daily capacity has exceeded the number of Model 3s (at) 800 units per day. It can be said that the Y-type production has entered high-yield stage. As previously planned by Tesla, the main production of Q3 is for export,” Giga Shanghai drone operator Wu Wa said.

The Model Y is expected to be Tesla’s most popular vehicle according to company executives like CEO Elon Musk, who believes the all-electric crossover will be the most popular car in the world next year.

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