Tesla Giga Berlin prepares Model Ys for deliveries

Tesla is preparing for its final delivery quarter of the year, and new drone footage over Gigafactory Berlin shows several Model Y vehicles being prepared for delivery. In a video by drone operator Tobias Lindh, one can see footage of the Model Ys parked in various parking lots at the factory. Tobias noted that factory deliveries started, and not only were there several Model Ys waiting for delivery, but many car carriers were picking up the vehicles.

Credit: Photo Credit: Tobias Lindh

If you look closely at the drone footage, most of the vehicles you see are white, with a few black ones sprinkled in. However, there were a few cars painted with Quicksilver as well. The latter has previously been spotted.

Last week, analysts pointed out that for Tesla to have a successful quarter, it would need a successful delivery of vehicles to Europe. Gigafactory Berlin’s production of vehicles may just help Tesla do well in Europe, which has the smallest source of domestic production.

Along with the deliveries taking place, Tobias gave several additional updates, including the installation of more solar panels, the first layer of gravel being laid for the train tracks, and the building of Tesla’s second final entrance to the parking lot.

You can watch Tobias’ video below.

Disclosure: Johnna is a $TSLA shareholder and believes in Tesla’s mission.  

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