Tesla held a Christmas market event for Giga Berlin employees

After Tesla put up some Christmas decorations at its German Gigafactory last month, the automaker has shared footage from an employee holiday party held at the plant.

Tesla was seen preparing its Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg with decorations at the end of November, and now the automaker has shared a video from its manufacturing account showing off a Christmas market for workers. The video shows the Christmas trees, lights and other decorations surrounding the area, with shots of employees playing games, drinking beverages and socializing.

Giga Berlin got dressed up with its very own xmas market for our employees to mingle and jingle.
Happy holidays to everyone. pic.twitter.com/RBhaOEjPqp

— Tesla Manufacturing (@gigafactories) December 22, 2023

CEO Elon Musk also replied to the post on Friday, simply including emojis depicting a Christmas tree, a wrapped gift and a heart.

The decorations were put up late last month, as captured in photos of the plant’s front entrance that were posted on X. While those photos showed the Christmas decorations amidst a snow-capped landscape, the video shared by Tesla from the actual party doesn’t look to have any snow — though it makes it look pretty cold out, at the very least.

@Tesla Giga4 in Berlin, Brandenburg is ready for Christmas!
Getting cybertruck vibes as well@teslaeurope @cb_doge @elonmusk
Martin Heroldt pic.twitter.com/e4uflHlkAn

— Esther Kokkelmans (@EstherKokkelman) November 28, 2023

Tesla produces the Model Y SUV at the Gigafactory, located in Grünheide, Germany, in the state of Brandenburg. The site employs around 11,500 workers, according to a statement in October from the state’s Minister of Health, Ursula Nonnemacher (via Der Tagesspiegel).

The Tesla plant was recently also highlighted by Grünheide Treasurer Kerstin Lang as the municipality’s largest taxpayer, ahead of the automaker’s plans to expand the Gigafactory. Despite this, the factory uses significantly less water than it’s approved for, and far less than many other local businesses.

The automaker opened a new lobby at Giga Berlin in November, as can be seen just inside from where the Christmas market was held. The site has also been home to past parties and celebrations, including a Family Day event for employees and their families in May, and regular open community workshop events, including one soldering training that even led Tesla to install solar lighting at a local youth park.


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