Tesla Model S Plaid crashes during Nürburgring testing

A Tesla Model S Plaid crashed at the Nürburgring raceway in Germany while several vehicles were on track attempting to set time records on the taunting 12.94-mile course, according to reports.

The Model S Plaid, Tesla’s fastest production vehicle, was sharing the “Green Hell” with a 2022 Corvette Z06 prototype and a BMW M8 test-mule, according to Road and Track, who originally reported the crash. The Model S lost control in the Klostertalkurve in kilometer 14, which comprises a series of sharp, paper-clip-like turns before extending into a straightaway. The BMW crashed as well in the Kesselchen sector, which is located in kilometer 12 of the 20.82 km track.

The BMW crash was more severe than the Tesla accident as the German automobile collided with the barriers at a high rate of speed. Meanwhile, the Model S plaid suffered an impact with the barrier at a lower rate of speed and was not as damaged as the BMW. Both drivers are believed to be in good condition.

Credit: Savory.de

Tesla has been at the Nürburgring on and off for the past two years, first making an appearance in October 2019 at the track with the Model S Plaid. The tri-motor powertrain was spotted in late 2019 sporting a massive rear diffuser for aerodynamic performance, a rear spoiler for more downforce, and a wider body style than its Model S P100D predecessor. Tesla developed the car for several years before finally delivering the first units of it in June 2021.

Tesla Model S Plaid hits Nürburgring in refreshed widebody with massive rear diffuser

The Tesla Model S Plaid undoubtedly isn’t the first victim of the Nürburgring, and it definitely won’t be the last, either. Unfortunately, there have been 69 competitive deaths at the Nürburgring, with another 5 fatalities happening during testing. The long, treacherous, and intimidating course has its fair share of sharp turns and long straightaways, intense enough to baffle even the most seasoned drivers. The prestige of holding a speed or time record at the Ring is almost indescribable, so it’s not surprising that some competitors have pushed it to the limit at the track attempting to set their names in the record books forever.

The Corvette prototype at the track was attempting to break a time record at the ring, along with “nearly 10 cars,” including a McLaren 765LT and a Cadillac CT5-V, lined up for hot laps during a two-hour-long session.

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