Tesla Model S Plaid gets rave review from critic: ‘Quite possibly the best all-around car ever made’

There is a reason why car critic Doug DeMuro is not a Tesla “fanboy.” Having experienced automobiles from the quirkiest three-wheelers to the most expensive hypercars around, DeMuro approaches his vehicle reviews with a very critical eye. This was particularly true for the Cybertruck, a vehicle that the critic is extremely skeptical of. But in his recent review of the Tesla Model S Plaid, the auto veteran had to admit that the all-electric car is just downright brilliant, and possibly one of the best cars ever, period. 

Doug DeMuro’s review of the Tesla Model S Plaid was on brand, and while he proved unfamiliar with some features like the vehicle’s Bioweapon Defense Mode, the HVAC system’s touch-based airflow controls, and the wireless chargers for rear passengers, the critic’s discussions on the vehicle were extensive. And in typical DeMuro fashion, he discussed exactly what he liked and what he disliked about the Model S Plaid. 

Unlike other Model S Plaid units that have been showcased online, which seem to have flawless build quality, the vehicle that DeMuro reviewed unfortunately had paint issues. The car did not seem to have panel gaps, but its paint quality left much to be desired. The reviewer also noted that the vehicle, while comfortable, does not provide the same level of luxury and creature comforts as those featured in competitors like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. 

But the Tesla Model S Plaid is not built to be a traditional luxury car. It’s a large, comfortable, four-door sedan that happens to be so freakishly fast, it would likely humiliate anything that’s not a Rimac Nevera on the stop ight. This was something that seemed to catch DeMuro completely off-guard, as he reacted very strongly to the Model S Plaid’s acceleration. DeMuro floored the Model S several times during his review, and each time, the vehicle quite literally took the critic’s breath away. 

Ultimately, DeMuro ended up giving the Tesla Model S Plaid one of his highest scores among the multitudes of vehicles he has reviewed to date. Its combination of extreme power, unearthly acceleration, and sheer utility, after all, makes the Model S Plaid a bang-for-the-buck car despite its $130,000 price. “The Plaid is truly fantastic, and it’s quite possibly the best all-around car ever made,” DeMuro said. 

Watch Doug DeMuro’s review of the Tesla Model S Plaid in the video below. 

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