Tesla Model Y pre-production may start at Gigafactory Texas this week (Photos)

Tesla Model Y pre-production seems slated to start at Gigafactory Texas as predicted. Last week, an insider shared that Tesla aims to start test Model Y production in early August. The company’s plan seems to be moving on schedule. 

Recent pictures by drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer reveal just how prepared Gigafactory Texas is for Model Y test production. The machines seem calibrated to test Model Y assembly. Model Y pre-production will help train Giga Texas’ employees for full-scale production. 

Giga Texas should start the 1st batch of test pre-production runs of the Model Y this week. These are test cars for calibration and training and not for sale. Tesla Goal is to begin initial production in early October. A lot going on inside as well as outside! pic.twitter.com/EpI3GKzXTF

— Joe Tegtmeyer (@JoeTegtmeyer) August 8, 2021

At the beginning of August, Tegtmeyer talked with a Giga Texas insider who suggested that street-legal Model Y production could start in about two months. Provided that the insider is correct and barring any unforeseen obstacles, Tesla Giga Texas’ Model Y assembly line could be operational by the end of Q3 or the beginning of Q4. This aligns with Elon Musk’s timeframe for Model Y production at Giga Texas.

“So it’s really great work by the Giga Texas team and then also great work in Berlin-Brandenburg with the team there. So we expect to be producing the sort of new design of the Model Y in both factories in limited production later this year,” Musk said at the last earnings call. 

Giga Texas does seem to be operating within Tesla’s timetable, and the same could be said about Giga Berlin. Recently, Tesla Model Y bodies were spotted in Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin. The Model Y bodies may be used to calibrate the machines already installed inside the factory. After calibration, Giga Berlin may start Model Y pre-production, too. 

Giga Berlin and Gigafactory Texas are essential to making Tesla’s goal for the Model Y come true. During this year’s first-quarter earnings call, Elon Musk projected that the Tesla Model Y could become the world’s best-selling car by either 2022 or 2023. In the past, Musk also predicted that the Model Y would outsell the Model S, 3, and X combined. 

As a crossover, the Model Y has a lot of potential in the United States alone. According to Statista, the crossover passenger vehicle accounted for 45.9% of automobile sales in June 2021 compared to 39.5% in June 2020. Crossover sales were followed by pickup truck sales, which accounted for 17.6%. The large gap between crossover sales and other vehicle categories reveals the potential for Model Y sales in the United States.

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