Tesla Semi takes on Cybertruck in viral drag race

A Tesla Semi and Cybertruck prototype were caught drag racing following the Tesla Investor Day Event earlier this week.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the Tesla Semi and the Tesla Cybertruck is their acceleration. Even the seemingly lackadaisical 20-second 0-60 time of the Tesla Semi is otherworldly in the commercial truck market. At the same time, the Cybertruck might even take the record for the fastest accelerating production truck, going from a standstill to 60 in under 3 seconds. This acceleration was tested following the Tesla Investor Day event, with a video showing the two trucks taking off in a drag race.

The Tesla Semi and Cybertruck were caught on video by Greggertruck on Twitter as part of a small parade of Tesla vehicles.

gangs all here.. #Cybertruck #Semi $tsla @elonmusk pic.twitter.com/lrLrsPiipu

— Greggertruck (@greggertruck) March 2, 2023

The first video posted shows the trucks taking off at a good clip, but it remains unclear if there was a definitive winner, with both vehicles slowing down just a little while later.

So bad ass @elonmusk #cybertruck pic.twitter.com/d8bSsC7YkB

— Greggertruck (@greggertruck) March 3, 2023

This fun duel between the Semi and the Cybertruck follows a series of headlines about the Tesla Semi and some potential upgrades it may receive in the not-so-distant future. One Tesla Semi was spotted just last month with what looks to be LiDAR equipment mounted to the front, a system that seemed to mimic one also placed on the Cybertruck a few days prior.

Beyond these potential future upgrades, Tesla is already making substantial progress in ramping up production of the recently released Semi. A video released early in February showed a shocking number of Tesla Semis lined up outside the facility in Nevada where they are produced. Simultaneously, Semi charging infrastructure continues to grow at an astounding rate, starting in the Western U.S. with more likely coming to the East Coast shortly.

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