Tesla Solar and Powerwall will fuel the exclusive, luxurious Panther National community

Tesla and the new, exclusive, and luxurious Panther National community in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, are partnering to develop the world’s first residential community that offers luxury lifestyle amenities in an energy-efficient, sustainable environment. The community will be powered by Tesla’s Solar and Powerwall products, bringing sustainably generated energy to an incredibly exclusive and luxury housing community situated around a golf course designed by one of the most decorated PGA members of all time: Jack Nicklaus.

The 218-residence community situated in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, will utilize Tesla Solar and Powerwall products to power its beautifully designed homes. Solar Panels, the Powerwall+, and an integrated inverter, along with Tesla Wall Connectors for vehicle owners, will be outfitted in each home. All of the houses also have a flat roof design. When coupled with the sunny Florida climate, energy generation won’t be much of an issue. Also, considering the community is in the line of fire of dangerous weather, like hurricanes, residents will no longer have to depend on generators, which are often noisy and powered by natural gas or diesel fuel.

Credit: Panther National

“Tesla is pleased to collaborate with the Panther National Development team as they share the goal of building cleaner, more resilient communities,” Panther National’s press release said. “Led by Dominik Senn and his executive team, in collaboration with Willstrong, its construction partner, and world-renowned architect Max Strang, Panther National is creating modern, energy independent residences that blend elegant architecture and energy sustainability. The development incorporates site‐driven and climate-driven design philosophies that will be coupled with the innovative energy technologies provided by Tesla Energy.”

Florida’s climate is one of the perfect opportunities for Tesla energy products to show their capabilities, especially during the Summer months. Just as Tesla energy storage products like solar panels and Powerwall show their significance during the California wildfire season by helping owners avoid outages, the same will be done during Florida’s hurricane season. In luxury homes like the ones on Panther National, the lights will be kept on through Tesla’s energy-generating solar panels, with excessive energy being stored in the Powerwall during hurricanes or the occasional cloudy day in the Florida climate.

Additionally, Tesla’s products will be installed in homes built around a golf course from Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus, a legend of golf and the only golfer with more Major titles than Tiger Woods, has been building and designing golf courses since his career ended in 2005. Nicklaus’ love for the game has brought out some of the most prestigious designs imaginable, and Panther National’s course is sure to be no different.

Credit: Panther National

Tesla Energy’s partnership with Panther National could launch a surge of Tesla-exclusive communities in the future, especially as sustainable energy is becoming more mainstream. “Tesla Energy has diligently refined its system to achieve competitive pricing, ensuring that the home energy systems are accessible to homebuyers throughout the United States. Together with Tesla, Panther National will achieve its vision of creating sustainable buildings and energy independence in a world-class setting,” the company said.

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