Tesla starts hunt for team that will work its humanoid “Tesla Bot”

During AI Day, Tesla announced its plans to make a humanoid robot that could perform tasks that are generally repetitive, dangerous, or boring. Recently, Tesla posted jobs on its Careers page for the humanoid robot, hinting at how serious the EV maker is about the project.

Elon Musk announced that Tesla aims to unveil a prototype of the Tesla Bot in 2022. With only a few months left of 2021, Tesla is wasting no time on the Tesla Bot prototype, and the company’s Careers page reflects that.

Tesla has posted at least four jobs on its Careers page that directly link to the Tesla Bot. Overall, there are four jobs posted for humanoid robots, all of which are located in Palo Alto, CA.

Elon Musk validates Tesla Bot’s existence despite not fitting into the Master Plan

Tesla wants to fill two mechanical engineer jobs, one of which focuses on actuator gear designs and systems. The other mechanical engineer job concentrates on the mechanical design and the integration of the actuator components of the Tesla Bot.

Tesla also opened up two jobs for a senior humanoid mechatronic robotic architect and a senior humanoid modeling robotic architect. Both positions call for someone to help the humanoid robotics modeling team build a Tesla Bot that can support manufacturing operators in “tedious and exhaustive tasks.”

“For the Tesla bot, it’s going to start with work that is boring and repetitive. Basically, work that a person would least like to do,” said Elon Musk during AI Day.

The architect job listings suggest that Tesla believes its humanoid robot could help with manufacturing.

Links to the Tesla Bot job listings below:

Mechanical Engineer – Actuator Gear Design (Humanoid Robot)

Mechanical Engineer – Actuator Integration (Humanoid Robot)

Senior Humanoid Mechatronic Robotics Architect

Senior Humanoid Modeling Robotics Architect

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