Tesla Supercharger grabs top ranking in J.D. Power’s newest satisfaction study

Tesla’s Superchargers were ranked the best overall in terms of overall customer satisfaction, according to a new study from J.D. Power.

The 2022 U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience Study showed Tesla’s Superchargers were the most favorable to EV owners as the Supercharger Network earned 739 of a possible 1,000 points. The Segment Average score was 674, but the EV charging network with the closest cumulative score was ChargePoint with 644 points. Electrify America and EVgo had 614 and 573 points, respectively.

Credit: J.D. Power

The study measures EV owner satisfaction with two types of public charge point operators: Level 2 Charging and DC Fast Chargers. Satisfaction is ranked in ten subcategories, which include:

Ease of Charging
Speed of Charging
Cost of Charging
Ease of Payment
Ease of Finding a Location
Convenience of the Location
Things to do while Charging
How safe you feel at the Location
Availability of Chargers
Physical Condition of the Charging Location

Charging applications have become more available than in previous years due to the overall adoption of EVs. However, it is still a work in progress. Charging satisfaction actually decreased from last year’s study, with a 633 score this year compared to 643 in 2021.

“Public charging continues to provide challenges to overall EV adoption and current EV owners alike,” Executive Director of Global Automotive at J.D. Power, Brent Gruber, said. “Not only is the availability of public charging still an obstacle, but EV owners continue to be faced with charging station equipment that is inoperable.”

We already discussed DC Fast Chargers, which owners found Tesla’s Supercharger network to be most favorable. However, it is not the only tip of the cap Tesla received. The company also had its Destination Level 2 charging stations ranked as the best in terms of customer satisfaction. Destination Chargers gained 680 total points, with Volta ranking second with 667 points and ChargePoint in third with 639 points.

Credit: J.D. Power

In general, the EV charging infrastructure, in its current condition, has given EV owners relative satisfaction. The biggest issues with current EV charging happen to be related to the cost of charging, which ranked 473 for fast chargers and 446 for Level 2 chargers.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of information from the study was that DC Fast Charger users are usually planners who are most commonly on a road trip which, along with convenience, determines their choice of charging location. This is where some vehicles are lagging behind because, despite having fast chargers nearby, not all vehicles are capable of charging at super-fast speeds. This can be combated without buying a new vehicle, as charging stations can give vehicle owners more short-term entertainment options to pass the time.

“Everyone knows that the landscape of gas stations is focused on convenience—readily available, fast fueling and quick convenience items,” Gruber added when discussing this point. “Although fast charging is seemingly getting faster by the day, to expedite the charging process, vehicles will need to accommodate the newest ultra-fast chargers. Currently, only a handful of vehicles can take advantage of the fastest charging speeds. And no matter how fast their vehicle charges, EV owners still indicate they need more options for things to do during each charging session to enhance convenience and fill the down time.”

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