Tesla turns mobile charger into optional accessory for new vehicle purchases

Tesla has decided to backtrack on its decision to charge an extra $400 for a mobile charging connector for new vehicle purchases, with CEO Elon Musk noting that the item’s price would be halved due to the community’s feedback. Musk’s statement was an understatement. 

Avid Tesla watchers recently observed that Tesla was no longer bundling a mobile charging connector with new vehicle purchases. The connector, which allows owners to trickle charge their EVs from regular wall sockets, is widely considered as something that is rarely used but essential for electric vehicles, especially during emergencies. Needless to say, numerous Tesla owners and fans openly expressed their disappointment and frustration at the company’s update. 

Usage statistics were super low, so seemed wasteful. On the (minor) plus side, we will be including more plug adapters with the mobile connector kit.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 16, 2022

In a post on Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk explained that the mobile charging connector was removed from new vehicle purchases because usage statistics showed that very few owners were using them anyway. Musk noted that bundling the item seemed wasteful. Thus, it would be more pertinent to make the mobile charging connector into an item that buyers could acquire as an add-on. Tesla would even add more plug adapters for good measure. 

This, however, was not enough to pacify the Tesla community, many of whom pointed out that the mobile charging connector, at least for now, is already out of stock. Many argued that Tesla’s decision was not in the best interests of consumers, especially since the company has already increased its cars’ prices several times over the past months. 

Based on feedback received, we will drop mobile connector price to $200 & make it easy to order with car.

Note, mobile connector is not needed if you have a Tesla wall connector or to use Superchargers.

Recommend installing Tesla wall connector well before car arrives.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 17, 2022

Amidst the growing voices of disappointment even among avid Tesla advocates, Musk later posted an update clarifying that the company would be dropping the mobile charging connector’s price to just $200. The item would still be an optional add-on, but the CEO assured potential Tesla buyers that it would be very easy to order a mobile charging connector when they purchase a vehicle. Musk also advised that customers look into a Tesla wall connector instead, which provides much faster charging speeds. 

Overall, this weekend was quite remarkable to watch. Tesla has raised its prices several times this year with few complaints from the company’s avid supporters. But the humble mobile charging connector seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. In a way, the complaints about the item’s removal are quite valid. After all, some vehicle components such as airbags are rarely used, but it is still never wise to remove them. The same is true for mobile charging connectors. Yes, they may be slow and they don’t get used often, but drivers would probably want to have them if they ever get end up in a place with limited charging options

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