Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai continues to produce normally

Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai is still producing normally despite claims that the factory is affected by limited production or closure measures due to extreme weather. According to a report by Axios, a massive heatwave in China is forcing manufacturing plants to either slow down or limit production for Tesla, Apple, and Toyota. Teslarati also reported on the heatwave which was first mentioned by CNN a few days ago.

According to the initial report by CNN, the heat wave caused consistent 104 degrees Fahrenheit and above temperatures. The Yangtze River, which is China’s largest river, has shrunk to the point that 70 cities declared drought conditions. The same river feeds into the Three Gorges Dam, China’s largest dam.

Axios noted that some of China’s hydropower has gone offline and stated that Apple, Tesla, Toyota, Foxconn, and Volkswagen are among the companies with factories that are affected by the closure measures.


James Cat Hello! There is no impact! Tesla’s Shanghai plant is producing normally. The electricity restriction in Shanghai is mainly for city landscape lights and advertising lights, and will not restrict industrial electricity consumption.

— WuWa (@bentv_sh) August 23, 2022

The reports claiming that Tesla is affected seem to be a bit off in light of a recent tweet by WuWa, who has been continuously documenting the activity at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai. WuWa shared his latest video around 30 minutes ago from the time of this article and it shows another Glovis arriving at Shanghai’s South Port and loading up made-in-Chine Tesla vehicles.

When asked by James Cat if WuWa had seen a slowdown in production due to the power issues, WuWa confirmed that Tesla’s Giga Shanghai is still operating as normal. He also added that the electricity restriction in Shanghai is primarily for the city landscape and advertising lights and that it will not restrict industrial electricity consumption.

So, for the time being, at least, Tesla’s Giga Shanghai is producing normally and isn’t being impacted by the restrictions brought on by the heatwave.

WuWa added that Tesla’s suppliers are likely to be affected but Tesla has enough parts in stock. He said that the power restrictions are mainly in the southwest of China while the eastern portion of the nation has a normal power supply. You can watch WuWa’s latest video below.

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