Tesla’s price bumps to Model S and X Long Range hit Germany

Tesla has increased the price of its Model S and Model X Long Range variants in Germany by €5,000, bringing their total price from €91,990 to €96,990 for the Model S and from €100,990 to €105,990 for the Model X. It marks the second price increase since July 16th, when €5,000 price bumps were also applied to both vehicles.

The adjustment in price follows a similar price bump for U.S. customers of the Model S and Model X. A few days ago on August 4th, Tesla bumped the prices of the same two vehicles in the United States by $5,000. The Tesla Model S Long Range now starts at $89,990, while the Model X long Range starts at $99,990.

Another price increase for Model S/X Long Range in Germany. Both variants +5000€
Thats +10000€ since July 16th. pic.twitter.com/wuLMH1sslR

— Tesla_Adri (@tesla_adri) August 5, 2021

No adjustments were made to the prices of the Plaid variants of either vehicle. Additionally, the Model 3 and Model Y have also not had any price increases in this market.

The price increase is just one of many adjustments Tesla has made to the cost of its vehicles in 2021. The price of Tesla’s four vehicles has been quite volatile this year, with prices swinging both lower and higher in various markets. Due to increased demand, parts shortages, and semiconductor uncertainties in the automotive sector, it isn’t much of a surprise as the outlook for car parts has been unpredictable since the COVID-19 pandemic began. However, the Long Range variants of the Model S and X have been more consistent than their more affordable mass-market vehicles in the Model 3 and Y.

Model X vehicles, in their new form, have not made it to customers as of yet. Currently, the online Design Studio projects deliveries in the United States are to begin in March-April 2022. This isn’t to say that the first vehicles will be delivered during this time. Tesla’s waitlist for the Model X may have driven new order deliveries to this point, and we could see Model X vehicles on the road by the end of the year.

The new Model X will be vastly different from its old build. Not only will the vehicle come standard with the new Yoke steering wheel, but it will also have several new features that were outlined during the vehicle’s unveiling during the Q1 2021 Earnings Call. A sizeable rear screen, along with several interior updates like the new HVAC system will all be outfitted on the flagship SUV when it begins deliveries.

Tesla Model X Plaid interior first look shows sizable rear screen, cool third row toys

There have been some recent sightings of the vehicle as well, as Tesla seems to be working toward the final testing stages of the vehicle. The company had the same approach with the Model S, which was spotted on Tesla’s Test Track and on public roads well before the vehicle’s Plaid delivery event in June.

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