Tesla’s third 6k-ton Giga Press for Model Y is about to get unboxed in Giga Texas

More IDRA Giga Press boxes arrived at Tesla’s Giga Texas site. The packages reportedly contain parts for IDRA’s 6,000 ton Giga Press for Model Y production.

The IDRA boxes that just arrived contain Giga Texas’s third 6k-ton Giga Press for Model Y production. According to a recent video of the Tesla Texas factory, the casting machine’s place has already been prepared. The foundation for Giga Press number four is already being prepared as well.

The arrival of the third IDRA Giga Press and Tesla’s preparations for the fourth Model Y casting machine hints how Model Y production in Giga Texas is progressing. At the last earnings call, Tesla executives shared that the company hoped to start Model Y production at Giga Texas later this year.

“With regard to Giga Texas and Giga Berlin, we’re actually doing this earnings call from Giga Texas. So we’re in the factory right now doing this earnings call. And the team has made incredible progress here,” shared Elon Musk at the last earnings call.

“You can see the pictures online and see that there’s basically nothing a year ago and this — a large — a mostly complete large factory a year later. So it’s really great work by the Giga Texas team and then also great work in Berlin-Brandenburg with the team there. So we expect to be producing the sort of new design of the Model Y in both factories in limited production later this year,” he said.

Reports of test Model Y production starting in Giga Texas started brewing earlier this month. If tests go well, Tesla’s Texas factory could start Model Y production by the end of the third quarter or the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Giga Texas will be making a slightly different Model Y vehicle compared to the vehicles produced in the Fremont factory. Tesla aims to produce Model Ys with both front and rear megacasts in Texas. The third and fourth Giga Press lines being prepared in the factory are most likely for a second front and rear casting line.

“So let’s see, the Model Y in Texas — made in Texas and Berlin will be — will look very much like the Model Ys we currently make, but there are substantial improvements in the difficulty of manufacturing. So for example, the Model Y made here and in Berlin will have a cast front body and a cast rear body, whereas the one in California has cast rear body but not a cast front body,” said Elon Musk.

After Model Y production, Giga Texas will produce Tesla’s Cybertruck. The Cybertruck will be built using an 8,000 ton Giga Press from IDRA. It would be exciting to see the 8K-ton Giga Press installed at Giga Texas.

Watch one the latest videos of Giga Texas below!

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