The Boring Company’s 2nd Prufrock tunnel boring machine comes alive in TX

The tunneling sector should probably get ready for some serious disruption soon, as The Boring Company recently released a video of Prufrock-2 coming alive in Texas. Considering how much innovation was done for the creation and development of the all-electric digger, it would not be surprising at all if The Boring Company’s tunneling projects end up being completed at an almost unbelievable speed in the near future. 

The video of the new tunnel boring machine (TBM) was shared by The Boring Company in its official Twitter account. The tunneling startup did not mention much about Prufrock-2, only mentioning that the machine has now come alive in Texas — but it didn’t really need to. As could be seen in The Boring Company’s official website, Prufrock is pivotal to the tunneling startup’s plans and future endeavors. 

Prufrock-2 is alive in Texas

— The Boring Company (@boringcompany) August 21, 2021

Prufrock is unlike The Boring Company’s other tunnel boring machines. Being fully electric, Prufrock is much faster, far more efficient, and much more environmentally friendly than TBMs. The startup’s official website notes that Prufrock is designed to constrict mega-infrastructure projects in a matter of weeks instead of years. And looking at its projected specs, this definitely seems to be the case.

Everything about Prufrock’s operations is designed for quick tunnel building. Unlike traditional tunnel boring machines, the all-electric TBM is capable of launching directly from the surface and re-emerging after a tunneling project is completed. This allows Prufrock to be deployed quickly, and thanks to its all-electric system, it is also much more powerful than conventional diggers. Tunnels that are made using Prufrock could be finished quicker too, since they require less ventilation due to the absence of fumes from the TBM. 

A big Thanks to Douglas for his great scouting in Las Vegas this week ! #BoringCompany

— A Boring Revolution (@BoringPrufrock) July 6, 2021

A Prufrock tunnel boring machine had already been spotted in the Vegas Loop last month. While the machine itself was not labeled, images taken at The Boring Company’s work site showed a TBM being launched from an angle, a notable indication that it was indeed one of the startup’s all-electric diggers. Needless to say, later images from the Vegas Loop seem to indicate that tunneling is progressing at a fairly rapid pace. 

Interestingly enough, Prufrock is designed to tunnel at a speed that’s greater than 1 mile per week. This is already six times faster than Godot+, the machine that completed the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop. The Boring Company has ambitious goals for Prufrock, however, as the tunneling startup states on its website that in the medium term, the all-electric TBM’s goal is to exceed 1/10 of a human’s walking speed

That’s 7 miles per day — in the medium-term

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