Universal Tesla Supercharger access is gradually creeping across Europe

Tesla is gradually expanding its pilot program to open up its Superchargers to non-Tesla EVs. With the recent addition of Italy, the program now covers most of Western Europe.

The pilot began in November 2021 with 10 Supercharger stations in the Netherlands. Since then, the program has been expanded to Norway, France, the UK, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Iceland.

This is still a pilot, and it does not include all the Superchargers in all of those countries. (As we understand it, all Supercharger stations in the Netherlands are now covered, and the latest expansion added 18 stations in Italy.)

Tesla says it wants to test how opening particular stations to the thundering herd is affecting usage rates at those stations before proceeding further.

Source: Electrek

Source: Charged EVs

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