US Army orders 367 EV ARC solar-powered EV chargers from Beam Global

Orders is orders, and the US Army is going electric. Executive Order 14057 (signed by President Biden in December 2021) calls for all new federal fleet vehicles to be zero-emission by 2035, and all light-duty vehicles must go green by 2027.

That’s going to require federal agencies to get a lot of charging infrastructure set up in a fairly short time, and Beam Global’s EV ARC charging system, which generates and stores its own electricity, and can be rapidly deployed with no trenching, electrical work or utility connection, seems to fill the bill—the company has been announcing a lot of new orders from government agencies and municipalities.

The US Army Material Command has ordered 367 EV ARCs, which will be deployed for the Installation Management Command at 50 locations in 28 states and Puerto Rico.

“We evaluated the requirements of the US Army and determined that the Beam Global EV ARC systems offered the best solution to meet the Army’s challenging off-grid EV charging requirements,” said Mark Carter, COO of military contractor TechFlow. “We look forward to working with the Beam Team on the rapidly deployed off-grid systems to power the fast-growing federal fleet of EVs for years to come.”

Each of the Army’s EV ARC charging systems will be equipped with two Enel X Way JuiceBox Pro chargers to fuel two EVs simultaneously, as well as an Emergency Power Panel, which  can provide electricity to military personnel and first responders in remote locations or during disasters and grid outages. (The EV ARC systems can also be connected to the grid.)

“Beam Global’s Made-in-America EV ARC systems are the only 100% solar-powered, transportable, rapidly deployed EV charging systems that fit in a single parking space without reducing available parking,” said Desmond Wheatley, Beam Global CEO. “The ambitious goals to electrify the federal fleet will require an unprecedented build-out of EV charging infrastructure, compressing years of work into days of deployment. The combination of Beam Global’s technology and TechFlow’s experience on bases and working with the federal government in general make the rapid deployment of cost-effective EV charging infrastructure about as easy as it could be.”

Source: Beam Global

Source: Charged EVs

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