Elon Musk validates Tesla Bot’s existence despite not fitting into the Master Plan

Over the weekend, Elon Musk validated the existence of the Tesla Bot.

“Bot is not directly on the path of accelerating a sustainable energy future, but it aspirationally improves the probability that the future is good,” Elon Musk answered when asked how the Tesla Bot related to the company’s mission.

Tesla AI Day viewers will be the first to say that the Tesla Bot stole the show that day. The humanoid robot doesn’t necessarily fit into the company’s goal toward a sustainable future like electric cars and battery storage systems, but it is a product that fits Elon Musk’s style.

During AI Day, Musk explained that the Tesla Bot would be used to help with “boring, repetitive, dangerous work.” The Tesla Bot isn’t the first robot to enter the market to do such tasks.

Many robots have been deployed worldwide to help humans at work already. Most recently, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the various advantages of using robots in the medical field.

Robots in hospitals could be an example of bots taking over dangerous work from humans. A study on repurposing humanoid robots for patient care during the pandemic listed several functions of robots in the hospital. Besides patient care, the list included hospitals using robots for communication, grunt work, and decontamination.

Outside the medical field, robots have also helped fill labor needs in countries where senior citizens leaving the workforce outnumber the amount of young workers entering it. Japan, for instance, has turned to artificial intelligence and robotics as a solution to its rapidly shrinking labor force in several sectors.

The morning of @Tesla #AIDay. pic.twitter.com/fktwXsaSmg

— HIRO MIZUNO (@hiromichimizuno) August 19, 2021

Japan may be the one country that has openly started integrating humanoid robots into regular society. With that in mind, at least one person on Tesla’s board may fully understand the use of the Tesla Bot, namely Hiro Mizuno.

Funnily enough, Mizuno candidly tweeted a GIF from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion right before the livestream of Tesla AI Day. In hindsight, it might have been a huge hint about the Tesla Bot. Although fans of the iconic series would note that its stance on artificial intelligence and artificial humanoid creations in general is quite cautionary.

If you missed Tesla AI Day, you can watch it below!

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