Tesla Model Y production in Giga Shanghai hits 1k per day, outpacing Model 3

Tesla Giga Shanghai is reportedly producing 1,000 Model Y units per day, officially exceeding its Model 3 output of 800 units per day. Tesla was reportedly able to accomplish this feat following a four-day shutdown of its Model Y lines in Giga Shanghai last week, which paved the way for updates to the facility.

“After four days of overhaul at Tesla’s Shanghai plant last week, the production capacity of Phase 2 Model Y has reached 1,000 units per day. This daily capacity has exceeded the number of Model 3s (at) 800 units per day. It can be said that the Y-type production has entered high-yield stage. As previously planned by Tesla, the main production of Q3 is for export,” noted drone operator Wu Wa in his latest video of Gigafactory Shanghai. 

Yesterday (21 August), a large number of Tesla Model 3s were heading to the TRITON ACE ship at the Luchao port terminal, located about 10 kilometres east of Tesla’s Shanghai factory. Information shows that the ship’s next destination is Singapore ( Aug.28)#TeslaShanghai pic.twitter.com/v9Ee3r76QN

— 乌瓦 (@bentv_sh) August 22, 2021

Tesla’s Gigafactory in China was named its primary export hub this quarter. Giga Shanghai kicked off the third quarter strong with the first Model Y exports to Europe, taking its new role in Tesla to heart. Tesla China reported exporting over 8,000 Model Y units in the first month of Q3. Several Tesla observers already informed Teslarati of Model Ys in Norway and Belgium.

Tesla Giga Shanghai isn’t only exporting vehicles to Europe either. A fleet of Tesla Model 3 cars were seen going into the Triton Ace ship at the Luchao port terminal over the weekend. The ship was headed to Singapore.

The recent Model Y production numbers support Tesla and Elon Musk’s predictions about its all-electric crossover. The Model Y is expected to outsell Tesla’s Model S, Model X, and Model 3 combined. Tesla also aims to make the Model Y the world’s top-selling vehicle in any category, including pickup trucks, in the near future. 

In July, Giga Shanghai exported a total of 24,347 Tesla vehicles abroad. Tesla Model 3 exports still outnumbered Model Y exports significantly. Tesla China shipped 16,137 Model 3 units abroad and only 8,210 Model Y units. However, exports may see a shift over the following quarters as Giga Shanghai’s Model Y production outpaces Model 3 production.

Watch the video below for more updates on Tesla Giga Shanghai!

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