Gaussin and Microvast to build batteries for road truck skateboards

Gaussin and Microvast are working together to integrate Microvast’s new generation of batteries with Gaussin’s electric skateboard and hydrogen applications.

Gaussin’s skateboard platform is designed for hydrogen or battery-electric Class 8 tractors and trucks from 18 to 44 tons. Target customers include traditional truck manufacturers, body builders and autonomous navigation software companies. 

The hydrogen version of Gaussin’s road skateboard features a hybrid system that the company says will extend the vehicle’s range to 400 km using battery power.

Microvast will supply Gaussin directly from its Clarksville, Tennessee facility, which will produce cells, modules and assembled packs. A similar scheme is planned for Europe, where Microvast will supply Gaussin’s European requirements from its plant in Ludwigsfelde,  Germany.

Source: Gaussin

Source: Charged EVs
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