Skycharger/JuiceBar partnership aims to drive customers to charging hosts’ businesses

Charging solution provider Skycharger has announced a new partnership with EVSE manufacturer JuiceBar.

JuiceBar’s chargers offer site hosts options for brand customization. Skycharger’s EVent Marketing software program is designed to drive customer traffic to site hosts’ businesses. Together the companies plan to offer a complete, one-stop solution for site hosts, including financial services, hardware, software, installation and management.

“The EV charger infrastructure in the US is not currently equipped to align with tomorrow’s mass adoption trends in electric vehicle growth,” said Paul Vosper, CEO of JuiceBar. “This new partnership allows businesses to offer complete—and superior—EV charging solutions with the comprehensive end-to-end processes taken care of for them.”

“We educate businesses on why they need EV charging stations at their location(s) and help them grow by attracting a new demographic of consumers to their business,” said Jeff Zissulis, CEO of Skycharger. “In fact, we can show them how an EV charging station can significantly reduce their overall customer acquisition costs and cost per customer.”

Source: Skycharger 

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