Los Angeles orders more Beam Global EV ARC off-grid solar charging systems

The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks has placed a third order for Beam Global EV ARC solar-powered charging systems, the agency’s largest order thus far. The off-grid systems will be used to fuel the city’s growing fleet of electric vehicles.

Each EV ARC charging system fits in a standard parking space and generates and stores its own clean electricity. The systems are flood-proof to 9.5 feet and wind-rated to 160 mph, and they are transportable, so they can be relocated as charging patterns shift. The systems Los Angeles is buying are each equipped with two Enel X Way JuiceBox Pro EV charging stations.

“The EV ARC systems’ off-grid capabilities eliminate the need for costly infrastructure upgrades and allow us to quickly deploy charging stations wherever they are needed most,” said Jimmy Kim, General Manager at the Department of Recreation and Parks. “This flexibility allows our recreation and parks fleet vehicles to remain powered and ready to serve our community.”

“Parks and recreational spaces are ideal use cases for off-grid solar-powered EV ARC charging systems. The EV ARC is deployed with no digging, no construction and no electric grid connection, so it’s perfect for spaces that have limited or no grid connection and want to maintain their beauty and environmental integrity,” said Desmond Wheatley, Beam Global CEO. “The City of Los Angeles is a leader in electrification, [and has] an admirable goal to have 123,000 EV chargers by 2030.”

Source: Beam Global

Source: Charged EVs

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