Rhythmos integrates the Driivz charging and energy management platform


Rhythmos and Driivz are teaming up to optimize EV charging for utilities and fleets.

Rhythmos says its utility-deployed solution can double charging capacity by optimizing charging schedules pushed through the Driivz EV charging and energy management platform.

The Driivz platform, which the company says is already managing tens of thousands of charging points globally, will soon optimize on-site charging of EV fleet vehicles through integration with the Rhythmos platform. The two companies plan to start with utilities in California.

Driivz provides charging and energy management solutions designed to enable utilities, automakers and EV charging providers to deliver modular services to fleets and other commercial customers. The Rhythmos SaaS platform was designed by utility professionals to address the growing impact of EVs on electric utilities and bring predictability, flexibility and intelligent energy management to the grid.

“Flexible energy management solutions are essential to provide the necessary capacity for EV charging while limiting the impact on the deployment of charging infrastructure,” said Doron Frenkel, founder and CEO of Driivz. “Finding the right mix between the two is crucial to avoiding network congestion, maximizing the use of clean electricity, and lowering charging costs.”

“The interface between EVs and the grid is becoming increasingly complicated, and most current solutions are, in effect, demand response management platforms looking to the utility for information they don’t have the tools to provide,” said Ken Munson, CEO of Rhythmos. “But Rhythmos and Driivz together can connect the dots to manage the complex charging ecosystem.”

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