Lucid Motors, fresh off $LCID listing, opens first southwest U.S. retail store

Fresh off of its merger with Churchill Capital IV, which created the $LCID stock listing on NASDAQ, Lucid Motors has announced the opening of its first Southwestern United States showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Scottsdale location officially opened its doors on Saturday, August 7th, offering a retail store in the same state as its assembly facility in Casa Grande, which is just 50 miles away. The store is positioned in Scottsdale Fashion Square and is the company’s ninth location, adding to the growing network of Lucid Studios. Lucid has opened retail locations in Manhattan, New York, and West Palm Beach, Florida, so far this year.

The location of this Studio, in particular, holds a special significance to Lucid, which plans to deliver its first cars sometime later this year. “Opening our first Studio in Arizona, just one hour from where the Lucid Air will begin rolling off the assembly line in Casa Grande this year, is a special milestone,” said Senior Director of Retail Operation Zak Edson. “This opening reinforces the company’s commitment to the region, and is in direct response to the warm welcome and the high level of interest shown for both our manufacturing operations and the products we are bringing to market.”

Arizona is a hot spot for many EV-related entities. Along with Lucid, KORE Power has pledged to build a massive 1 million-square-foot lithium-ion battery production facility just 40 miles away from Phoenix. Lucid’s Casa Grande plant will produce the company’s first units, along with an expansion that will be completed down the line that will increase annual production capacity to among half a million units when completed. Nikola Motor also has a plant in Coolidge, Arizona, as well as EV startup ElectraMeccanica.

The Lucid showroom won’t be the only thing available to customers. The company also said that it plans to open a Service Center in the area for repairs and maintenance.

Lucid breaks down its new facility into two parts: Studio Experience and Virtual Experience.

Lucid Studio Experience

“Every Lucid Studio offers a digitally oriented luxury experience tailored to each customer’s preferences, whether they visit in-person, make inquiries entirely online, or combine the two. Lucid’s Scottsdale Studio allows customers to experience the brand and obtain information about its products in a location that underscores the company’s unique design aesthetic. Exploring a Lucid Studio, visitors will get a vision of how the company draws inspiration from the beauty, innovation, and diversity of its home state of California. Lucid Studios augment the physical experience of seeing and touching a Lucid Air with an elevated digital experience. Using a 4K VR configurator, Lucid’s Virtual Reality Experience combines the physical and virtual worlds to showcase seamless personalization of everything from interior finishes and materials to exterior color.”

Virtual Experience

“Mirroring the luxury one-to-one Studio experience online for those who prefer shopping from home, customers can take advantage of “Lucid Studio Live,” a cloud-based configuration solution powered by ZeroLight’s Concierge product. From the comfort of their own homes, customers can virtually interact with a car while a Lucid representative guides them through key features and configuration options.”

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