Tesla’s Cybertruck delay may have been caused by design finalization

Tesla’s production of the all-electric Cybertruck may have been pushed back due to design finalization by company engineers who have been modifying the vehicle’s dimensions and look.

On Saturday, Tesla’s online configurator for the Cybertruck was officially updated to state that production was starting in 2022. This was a slight change, as previously the configurator, which outlines the variants of each vehicle, when their expected delivery dates are, and pricing, stated that the Tri-Motor variant of the truck would be produced as early as December 2021.

However, this has been pushed back to 2022, as the Model Y is taking priority at Giga Texas, Tesla’s newest facility. Construction is still ongoing, but production nears and could start within the coming weeks, according to some reports. The Cybertruck and Model Y are both slotted to be produced at the plant among other vehicles as well, but it remained unclear what vehicle would take priority. This was until the Q2 2021 Earnings Call where Tesla confirmed the Model Y would be the first vehicle built at the facility, which is located just miles outside of Austin.

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It appears that Tesla may have been working on finalizing the design of the Cybertruck, and this instance may have caused the delay. Tesla insider @SawyerMerritt stated earlier today that a company source said Tesla finalized the design of the Cybertruck just recently.

This won’t be much of a surprise but I’ve been told designs were just recently finalized for Cybertruck. Tesla said on the Q2 earnings call that “Cybertruck is at a stage where we finished basic engineering of the architecture; We’re moving into the beta phases later this year.”

— Sawyer Merritt (@SawyerMerritt) August 9, 2021

Teslarati reached out to Merritt for more context, but no more information was able to be shared at the request of the individual who shared it. Merritt said the source was within Tesla.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk stated that Cybertruck engineering was “almost finished” during the Q4 2020 Earnings Call in January. “So we’re no longer iterating at the design center level or design level. We’ve got the designs fixed,” he stated. However, there was some movement on this statement when Musk appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast just a few weeks later.

During the February podcast, Musk stated that the Cybertruck was still going through some minor design modifications related to size. He stated that the Cybertruck unveiled at the Hawthorne Design Studio in November 2019 was “pretty much what it will look like,” but there would be some small differences between that vehicle and the final design. Most of the changes were related to the dimensions of the car. “You know, we adjusted the size a few percent. Like around 3% or smaller. You don’t want it to be a couple of inches too big for the tunnel,” Musk added.

Tesla’s Elon Musk details Cybertruck design adjustments with Joe Rogan

Musk stated during the podcast that the Cybertruck would enter production at Giga Texas late this year and that “if we’re lucky,” some deliveries might be completed by the end of 2021.

Tesla is known to take its time with designing vehicles, making sure the engineering and software of a vehicle are just right. This is most evident with the recent Model S Plaid deliveries, which were slated to begin in February. Tesla didn’t give the Model S Plaid to customers until June 10th, as software and design challenges held up the delivery process. Musk was transparent when announcing the delays, stating that minor tweaks needed to be made for the car to be acceptable.

The Cybertruck is still undergoing many design finalizations, and nothing is set in stone. Recently, Teslarati uncovered the possibility of Tesla installing solar panels on the Cybertruck’s tonneau for increased range. This idea has not been confirmed by Tesla yet, but the patents point toward the potential usage of solar cells to increase traveling distance between charges.

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