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In EV battery manufacturing many steps could be taken to reach the best result for the lowest cost but as we all know, every process is different. Just like every OEM and automotive manufacturer have different criteria and expectations. What if there was a playbook to ensure an optimal production process was met each time? While a tangible book may not exist, subject matter experts do. At Nordson we offer 25 years of EV battery manufacturing experience. Improve your process and optimize production with industry leading expertise.  

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How we support EV Battery manufacturing

Automotive manufacturers tend to outsource various products or parts within a vehicle’s assembly, including its electric battery. At Nordson, we specialize in the sealing and bonding of one and two-component adhesives and sealants onto EV battery cells, modules, and packs. You will find that these dispense applications can be used to replace expensive welding or riveting processes. The bonds and/or seals keep environmental conditions like moisture or dirt from entering the battery pack and causing part failure. The Nordson Pro-Meter® Series A2K and Pro-Meter D2K are powered by Positive Rod Displacement technology to ensure the exact volumetric ratio is dispensed each and every time.  The Pro-Meter series can also be automated for robotic integration. If you’re an integrator who is assembling an electric vehicle battery; here is why it’s important to partner with Nordson. 

Advice for integrators

The landscape for integrators can be risky as you try to outbid your competition in order to win business from an automotive manufacturer. Many automotive manufacturers rely on an integrator’s skillset to deliver the ideal process for their product. Most likely, the integrator is knowledgeable and skilled in specific product assembly but may need assistance with certain facets to optimize production. That is where Nordson can lend a hand. The process is our focal point. First, we assess the target goals and expected production output to understand the automotive manufacturer’s delivery expectations. Next, we identify areas of process improvement. This includes evaluating the equipment, flow rate, production speed, volume dispensed, and material used. Then, we make sure you as an integrator are implementing the best process for that application. In addition, we will review the process and suggest cost savings opportunities utilizing Nordson equipment. Optimizing the process and streamlining the amount of equipment and material will save you time and money. 

Integrator leans on Nordson to save thousands

Nordson recently met with an automotive customer who wanted to increase the production rate in a specific EV battery manufacturing cell. The customer’s current process dispenses approximately 600 individual 0.3cc shots per battery module totaling 173cc in volume. The entire process takes 450 seconds, or seven-and-a-half-minutes to complete, causing a secondary issue with the sealant material.  Due to the length of the cycle, the sealant would cure before the assembly was complete.  Subsequently, the integrator determined that to meet the customer’s target cycle time of 240 seconds it would require a second line to achieve the target production rate. These challenges had to be resolved or their production would suffer in time and product costs. 

Our team of experts began testing the exact material and process to identify a cost-effective solution. During the testing phase Nordson engineers discovered that the robot was the biggest impact to the cycle time. The robot had to move, stop, dispense, and then move repeatedly to individually dispense the 600 shots accurately. Our engineers decided to eliminate the 0.3cc individual shots by implementing a 4.5cc continuous bead to speed up the total dispense time. This solution allowed each battery module to need just 18 continuous beads versus 600 individual shots. The new continuous beads decreased the material usage, from 173cc total volume to 81cc total volume per part to incur a 50% material savings. In addition, the entire dispense process only took 65 seconds to complete surpassing the customer’s goal of 240 seconds. The new one-minute-and-five-second cycle time was seven times faster and eliminated the need for a second line, saving the company thousands of dollars. The customer was elated when we shared our findings with them and were quick to implement the new dispense process into their production line. At Nordson we will continue to strive towards these solutions for our partners and customers.

Experiment with new materials

Are you an automotive manufacturer or integrator who is experimenting with non-traditional or new sealants or adhesives for your EV battery manufacturing? Material suppliers often release new cutting-edge materials to enhance EV battery assembly. There are many factors to consider: 

How will this affect the weight of my vehicle?
Can material usage be reduced?
How much material is needed to properly seal the electric battery?
Will the material cure in-place? 
How will the material affect the wear life of the dispense equipment?

Our material testing facility in Wixom, MI can recreate the targeted dispense process to uncover any areas of improvement. If your production is using a new one or two-component material, then we also can help. It is important to test and analyze all materials for longevity or the overall impact on the dispense equipment. For example, when it comes to your dispensing process, you could experience unwanted downtime if your material is curing inside the metering system. This would indicate that the wrong dispense equipment was purchased or selected, or the wrong material. You could also be dispensing too much material and wasting money. Or you could have purchased a material that is too abrasive and causing unwanted maintenance on the dispense equipment. Testing the new material before starting production can save time and money. Submit a request form to further analyze your dispense material.

Trust your partner

As more automotive manufacturers enter the electric vehicle market trust Nordson, your industry expert. Rely on teams who will deliver the best solution for you and your customer. Let’s pave the way to innovative, high quality EV battery manufacturing. Connect with a Nordson representative for your next project: Contact Us

Sponsored by Nordson Sealant Equipment

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