Tesla Cybertruck already changing the road, beguiles CHP Buttonwillow

Back in February, Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted that the Cybertruck would effectively change the look of the roads. Musk’s statement may sound hyperbolic at the time, but with Cybertruck sightings being reported across the United States in recent weeks, it does appear that the CEO’s estimates might be accurate. 

To state that the Cybertruck looks unique is an understatement. The vehicle is technically a pickup truck, and Tesla has maintained that it will be an excellent work vehicle, but it looks nothing like traditional pickups on the road. Its angular design and cold steel exterior make the Cybertruck look like it’s more suited for sci-fi movies than today’s cities. 

Yet the Cybertruck is coming, and if the increasing frequency of the vehicle’s sightings is any indication, it would seem that deliveries of the all-electric pickup truck are about to begin in the coming months. This means that the Cybertruck will likely be a more common sight on US roads. And considering how unearthly it looks, some motorists might find themselves beguiled by the pickup truck. This was certainly the case with the California Highway Patrol (CHP). 

In a post on its official Facebook account, the CHP Buttonwillow noted that officers were able to spot something strange while they were on patrol. While patrolling, one of the CHP Buttonwillow’s units sighted a number of car haulers transporting “some strange trucks.” The vehicles were traveling northbound on Interstate 5. “I wonder what they are?” the California Highway Patrol – Buttonwillow wrote in its post. 

Responses to the CHP Buttonwillow’s post suggested that numerous users of the social media platform are generally familiar with the all-electric pickup truck. Interestingly enough, some commenters also noted that they were not aware the Cybertruck was actually making it to production, and that the vehicle was not canceled at all. Such sentiments are understandable, considering that previous reports have suggested that the Cybertruck was being canceled. 

The wait for the Cybertruck has been quite long. Unveiled in late 2019, the Cybertruck was initially supposed to start deliveries in late 2020. Producing the vehicle turned out to be more challenging than expected, however, thanks in part to the fact that Giga Texas had to be built first. These challenges now seem to be over, however, so it might really just be a matter of time before the first consumer deliveries of the all-electric pickup truck begins. 

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