Tesla Model X Plaid spotted testing Dog Mode in the wild

A Tesla Model X Plaid was spotted in the wild, testing Dog Mode. Back at the Fremont Factory, Model X Plaid vehicles were seen running through the facility’s test track, hinting that Tesla might start ramping the production for its premium SUV soon.

A Tesla Model X Plaid was seen parked on the street with a passenger still inside. Sleeping peacefully inside the Model X cabin in 68°F—thanks to Tesla’s Dog Mode—was a pupper obviously waiting for his human companion to return. The dog, which seemed to be a golden retriever, was curled up in the driver’s seat and belted.

Plaid Model X seen with dog mode on. pic.twitter.com/BNwctKLV36

— Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley (@teslaownersSV) August 30, 2021

The Model X Plaid was fitted with what seemed to be 22” Turbine wheels, which provide the vehicle with 330 miles of range for the price of $5,500. The Model X Plaid comes with two wheel options, the 22” Turbine wheels and the 20” Cyberstream wheels, which provide 340 miles of range per charge. The Model X Plaid also featured the Tesla’s signature yoke steering wheel.

In a recent video of the Fremont Factory, a Tesla Model X was seen putting in some rounds on Tesla’s test track. The Model X sighting on Fremont’s test track and on the wild while testing Dog Mode hints that Tesla is preparing to ramp production of the all-electric SUV as soon as possible. The vehicle has seen delays much like its sedan sibling, though the Model S Plaid was able to start deliveries before the end of the second quarter.

Today, the estimated delivery date for the Model X Plaid is March to April 2022. Currently, the Model X Plaid’s price is $119,990 before incentives, making it more affordable than the Model S Plaid. The Long Range Model X also has an estimated March to April delivery date and is priced at $99,990.

The video below shows the Model X Plaid on the test track at the Fremont Factory!

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