Tesla’s mobile robotics manager posts new batch of Tesla Bot job openings

Tesla’s manager for Mobile Robotics, Chris Walti, recently invited skilled engineers and technicians to apply at Tesla and get the opportunity to work on the company’s humanoid robot program. 

Tesla announced its plans to produce the Tesla Bot during AI Day. The company isn’t wasting any time making the Tesla Bot prototype based on its recent hiring ramp. A week or so ago, Tesla posted a few jobs related to the Tesla Bot. Teslarati reported that Tesla was looking for two mechanical engineers and two senior robotics architects for its humanoid robot. 

A recent search through Tesla’s Careers page shows that there are now many more jobs relating to the Tesla Bot, several of which were highlighted by the executive on LinkedIn. A quick skim through the available Tesla Bot jobs hint that the company isn’t just thinking about the prototype it plans to unveil in 2022. There are a couple positions available relating to the manufacturing process of the Tesla Bot as well.

For instance, Tesla is looking for a controls engineer for the Tesla Bot, which falls under the manufacturing category. The responsibilities of a controls engineers are listed below. 

Controls Engineer – Tesla Bot Responsibilities

Research, design, simulate, specify, implement, debug, and test control and estimation algorithms for various electrical, mechanical, and thermal systems  
Work on using high level controls and modeling analytic tools to inform product development in terms of actuator, sensor and kinematic design.  
Work collaboratively with responsible electrical, mechanical, and firmware engineers to define sensing requirements, establish control system capabilities, and set targets  
Advance Tesla IP in control systems for new products  

Another position that falls under the manufacturing category is engineering technician for the Tesla Bot. The engineering technician’s responsibilities are listed below. 

Engineering Technician – Tesla Bot Responsibilities 

Work with engineers to fabricate, assemble, and integrate mobile robot prototypes, including mechanical assemblies, electrical systems, wire harnesses, etc.
Develop test plans and test systems, including building of assembly jigs and test/validation systems
Collaborate with engineering teams to root cause and resolve mechanical and electrical issues
Provide detailed written & verbal test status updates to key stakeholders
Support engineering teams in instrumentation and data acquisition setup and logging
Maintain a lab, ensuring that it is well-stocked with the tools and materials needed to make prototype wire harnesses
Supporting bench-top electrical system builds and testing, including obtaining and tracking
Support low volume prototype part builds and testing, including obtaining and tracking
Interface components from other Engineering and Purchasing groups within Tesla

Tesla starts hunt for team that will work its humanoid “Tesla Bot”

The new job posts also show that Tesla plans to work on the Tesla Bot in California and Texas. The majority of jobs open for the Tesla Bot are located in Palo Alto, California. However, there is one located in Austin, Texas. 

Tesla is looking for a test engineer for the Tesla Bot project in Texas. The responsibilities of a test engineer are listed below. 

Test Engineer – Tesla Bot Responsibilities 

Participate in initial cross-functional product development and carefully balance product specifications, process requirements, manufacturing complexity, cost, and lead-time limits.
Define and implement efficient plans for testing, automating and improving focusing on time/cost reduction and low complexity.
Own and drive hardware validation efforts for electrical and mechanical systems. Your job is to figure out how these products could fail and to collaborate with design partners to drive changes.
Write and maintain test software to automate test execution, data collection and data analysis
Manage tests from setup through execution and reporting, including test planning, development, execution, inspections, root cause analysis, data processing, documenting, and failure analysis.
Develop and maintain validation schedules, coordinate test resources, and communicate status/blockers to program managers
Actively participate in design reviews and DFMEAs to shape product towards reliability and deepen understanding of product risks
Organize cross functional teams (internal + external)
Document, organize, and track testing progress and provide updates to the team and upper management. 

More Tesla Bot jobs may open in Texas as the company gets closer to unveiling the prototype and producing the humanoid robot. The Tesla Bot will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting projects Tesla will be working on over the next few years. 

Link to Tesla Bot jobs, here.

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